The Soul of the Garden 

We believe in the therapeutic Power of Nature, the Soul of Creation that saves.

Our garden delightfully calls you to relax, perhaps while enjoying a favorite libation.
It is possible to dine “al fresco” in the candlelit garden, tasting only local products from the area (ingredients are key).

Wines from vineyards and farms in the Lucchesia, vegetables and fruit picked from the fields near the house, cured meats chosen from the macelleria di Colle di Compito, and ricotta and cheeses produced from the shepherds of Pieve and Garfagnana.
We have carefully selected ethical, free-range farms to offer you quality.

And, lastly, our coffee is selected by Tuscan and Neapolitan Torrefazioni, like Caffe Corsini and Troiano. Coffee beans are freshly ground.
And, lastly, our coffee is selected by Tuscan and Neapolitan Torrefazioni; coffee beans are freshly ground.

Variations for Vegans on request


On request € 10,00 per person

Breakfast will be in the garden, breathing in the freshness of morning amidst the surrounding plants and trees.
Fresh yogurt made from a Local Caseificio, homemade cakes and jams, seasonal fruit, bread, fresh cow’s milk, beekeeping honey, espresso coffee and tea.

Variations for Vegans on request


Breakfast is served from 8:00am to 9:30am. With advanced notice, a 7:30am breakfast can be arranged.


included in the room cost

We offer you as guest of Villa Galgani the opportunity to visit Lucca by bicycle. This is the most eco-friendly way to discover the beauty of the surroundings and the city (especially since the walled city is closed to traffic).


We will require a deposit of € 50.00 for each bicycle for any damage/theft caused which will be refunded upon return of the bicycle.

Personalized check-in

exclusively on request at € 10,00 per person

Guests can request a personalized check-in service to celebrate an event or a particular occasion, tailor-made for each guest. Unleash your imagination and we will be happy to fulfill your requests by guaranteeing a high level of service.

Contact us and we will help you to customize your special welcome: 

Some ideas for you

Chocolates and/or Birthday cake, Flowers Bottle of champagne, Prosecco or wine

Tourist Guide Service

exclusively on request at € 10,00 per person

As a long-time Official Tourist Guide of the Campania and Tuscany Region, I will be happy to assist my visitors by providing first-hand knowledge of the life of Santa Gemma. I will also be available to direct you on alternative routes that aim to travel outside the City Walls - like the "Ville Monumentali Lucchesi" (Monumental Villas of Lucca) with their marvelous historical parks, bike itineraries and eco-friendly routes, such as walking on the Via Francigena, or the Colline Lucchesi, or the Monte Serra, or the Via degli Acquedotti - all in step with nature. In addition, there will be opportunities to participate in equestrian excursions where you can enter into the heart of the Lucca countryside, enjoying nature on horseback.

Free maps

A Guest Book, free maps of the city and information on events inside and outside the city walls are available.

Taxi Service

exclusively on request at € 10,00 per person

Taxi service on request from/to Pisa and Florence airports and from/to Lucca train station.


Parking is included either on or off premises. On request, you can also conveniently leave your car here while a hired driver can guide you around the most interesting and beautiful areas of the region.

The Faithful Friend

exclusively on request at € 10,00 per person

After years of volunteering at kennels and shelters, the inevitable desire to host animals at ZERO cost was born. Therefore, I understand the need to bring your 4-legged friend with you on vacation, also helping to avoid pet abandonment in the summer. 
Stainless steel bowls are available for you; Dog sitter service on request

€ 10,00 per day only if food is required.

The food administered is specially chosen from Brands Not Tested on animals, such as ND Farminia, Forza 10 and Oasy.

Rules of Conduct

Notify us of the presence of an animal at the time of booking.

• Our “guest” can be accommodated in the room, but only if equipped with your own special portable dog kennel (such as Ferplast Holiday), to avoid damage to the room (scratches, bites, needs…).

Your pet will be able to enjoy the garden when kept on a leash;
the gate of the property is the lovely countryside where you can take your pet on long and pleasant walks.

Via della Repubblica 1
55012 Fr. Pieve San Paolo, Capannori, Lucca
Cell: 0039 348 8533604 - Email:

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