Terms and Conditions


Reservations can be made through bank transfer


Reservations will be subject to penalties as shown below:

  • For cancellations made from the dal 8° giorno in poi prima della data di arrivo , 100% of the total amount of the booked stay will be charged.
  • Any reductions in the length of stay are considered cancellations.;
  • There is no refund for a no show

In case of cancellation, we have adopted our friendly policy che potrà essere utilizzata per il soggiorno rinviato entro e non oltre i 5 mesi dalla data di cancellazione.

Rules of Conduct 

  • Villa Galgani is a Private house.As there is No Reception service available at any hour of the day, each guest is asked to communicate by telephone the approximate time of arrival; failure to notify or failure to comply with agreed times may disrupt or delay the check-in process. We cannot be responsible for any complaint and/or refund due to changed arrival times. Please notify us immediately as to any time delays/changes so we can try to accommodate updated arrivals.
  • Upon arrival, each guest is required to present a valid  Identity Document (ID)  as registration in accordance with the current provisions of the law for the Polizia di Stato. We cannot accept any guest without valid ID. Additionally, for public safety reasons, guests are not allowed to invite any non-registered people inside B&B Villa Galgani.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden. Smoking and Eating are strictly forbidden (they are only allowed in the garden).
  • Carefully maintain the things that have been delivered to you and return them intact at the time of departure. In case of loss, the cost of € 15.00 per key will be charged.
  • Please honor Silence in the hours of 22.00-08.00 and 14.00-16.00. 
  • We are not responsible for the  Loss, Theft or Damage of objects owned by you.
  • We cannot be held liable for any Disservices due to total or partial outages, beyond our control, such as electricity, water, or internet connection. We will do our best to resolve these issues, should they occur, in a timely fashion.
  • Please do not break, ruin or steal objects inside the room or from other guests:
    in the event that they are damaged, the manager may ask for a refund for their replacement, loss or repair; including the improper use of complementary equipment. Normal wear and tear is excluded. Please report to us any accidents or incidents in connection with any property damage. Before your departure, the Manager will inspect the room to verify the status.
  • Please do not excessively dirty the room and, above all, do not return it in worse condition at the time of your departure. Should this occur, the manager may request a surcharge for additional cleaning, altrimenti il gestore potrà richiedere un sovrapprezzo per la pulizia.
  • Please remember turn off the lights and the air conditioners in the rooms when you are away.

What we do for you and you do for us to protect our health and well-being:

  • Online check-in request (not mandatory, but to limit face-to-face contact).
  • Payment in full online.
  • Breakfast will be served in the garden at tables spaced apart by one meter. In winter, however, depending on the number of guests, breakfast times may be staggered.
  • We will sanitize the rooms between each guest's arrival and departure.

Via della Repubblica 1
55012 Fr. Pieve San Paolo, Capannori, Lucca
Cell: 0039 348 8533604 - Email: galgani@villagalgani.it

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